Join us in NYC at Golden Fest and Union Pool…

So that you can be as crazy as the guy in the lower right hand corner of this picture was at last years Golden Fest:

Profane Provan

That’s right, What Cheer? invades New York again.

On Saturday, January 17, we play the Zlatne Uste Golden Fest at the Good Shepherd School at 620 Isham St. in Manhattan’s Inwood Neighborhood. This Festival is an unreasonably fun marathon of music from the Balkans and beyond. Young and old dance and party for roughly 10 hours. Everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.

Then, on Sunday, January 18, we join the Stagger Back Brass Band for their CD Release Party at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

Check the shows page for all the same information listed above, but in a much tidier package!

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Dan plays the tuba and is a founding member of the band.
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