Thanks for a great tour y’all!

We’ve returned from the South (and Chicago and Maine) tired, sweaty and victorious!

Much love to everyone we met along the way, especially those who gave us a space to play in or sleep on.  Shout-outs and thanks to Alex in NC, Dennis and Bob from Shaking Ray’s, Mercer and Secret Squirrel in Athens, Future Shock, Ethan, Matt, Amanda and the Big Ship in New Orleans, Southern Joey, Andy Gibbs and the Baton Rouge pool party crew, Jessi and the Schiller St. Kids, all the kids at CAMP and the freakin’ City Museum in St. Louis, Dan Deacon and the ensemble, RO HE GE, the Beehive Collective, and everyone who came out to a show and danced.  We love you all!

P.S. Our latest album is now on iTunes!

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