HONK! is calling

Here we are, its September and suddenly we are less than a month away from total street celebration in Somerville and Providence, aka HONK! and PRONK!

Are you ready?  For a little this:

and a whole lot of this:

Ahh yes, the memories. Now its time to make new ones. Here are three quick and dirty ways to prep for the mayhem. All are important, all are at your fingertips!

1. Come to our Fundraiser this Saturday night – 8pm – 11pm at Dusk on Harris Ave. in Olneyville. Details are here. $7-10 dollar donation gets you in the door and this close to the band:

2. DONATE! PRONK! needs to raise $1,250 from individual HONK lovers between now and October 10th so we can put on a good show for our Providence friends.  Here’s an amazing video capturing  the fun from last fall: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782810310/759696216 – give freely and spread widely.

What Cheer? has been there since the beginning and six years in, it is still so good that we are doing it again! Starting Saturday October 1st – Monday October 3rd, we will be playing no less than 7 times. All in the name of HONK! And as you know, we only play as hard as you dance so you best start stretching now.

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