New Album “You Can’t See Inside of Me” Out on June 16

my-letter-of-fond-affection-to-rob-pecchia_300We are thrilled to announce that the What Cheer? Brigade’s new double album, You Can’t See Inside of Me, comes out on Friday, June 16 on Don Giovanni Records. Preorder your copy now directly from Don Giovanni!

The record consists of one disc of new recordings and one disc of remixes by various electronic and noise artists that we love. It features artwork by William Schaff (above) and extensively researched liner notes on the history and cultural context for the cover songs on the record.

This is without a doubt the best record we’ve ever made. While recording You Can’t See Inside of Me, for the first time, we truly embraced the recording studio, spending 10 days tracking at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI.

Track Listing:

01. Iahabibi
02 .Punk Gratitude
03. Ekremov Cocek
04. Hora Din Petrosnitza
05. You Don’t Want to Go to War
06. Ba Tu/Perin Cocek
07. El Zorongo
08. Reka Želja
09. Black Cannon
10. NBD
11. Here Come the Warm Jets

01. Black Cannon (Filastine Remix)
02. Fantasma (Malportado Kids Remix of Ekremov Cocek)
03. Iahabibi (Moor Mother Remix)
04. Reka Želja (Silent Antagonist Remix)
05. NBD (Virusse Remix)
06. Punk Gratitude (Joro Boro Remix)
07. Perin Cocek (Javelin Remix)
08. Sands (Caloric Remix of Hora Din Petrosnitza)
09. Here Come the Warm Jets (Work/Death Remix)

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Dan plays the tuba and is a founding member of the band.
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