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    The What Cheer? Brigade is a 20-piece brass band from Providence, RI, USA. We prove that great parties need no electricity.

    “Thrillingly competent, with undimmable energy…an explosion of good cheer.”
    -The New York Times
    “They never actually took a stage, but Providence, RI’s What Cheer? dominated the Newport Folk Fest like a headliner.”
      Since 2005, the band has been as likely to appear at community benefits as at all-night parties, playing bars, clubs, streets, libraries, cemeteries, weddings, bus stops, and playgrounds. In 2010, we joined Anchor Brain Records to re-release our second CD, We Blow, You Suck and Classy: Live in Pawtucket in 2011.

    We’ve played with Blondie, Dan Deacon, Man Man, Japanther, Dengue Fever, Okkervil River, Lightning Bolt, Ninjasonik, Mika Miko, Wolf Parade, Matt and Kim, Slavic Soul Party, Javelin, Sage Francis, and Chain and the Gang. We’ve appeared at Lollapalooza, The Newport Folk Festival, Aarhus Festuge (Denmark), Sziget (Hungary), and Guca (Serbia), offering mobile moments of intense revelry.


    Audience Favorite – 2015 Haizetara Street Music International Contest (Basque Country)

    Best in Festival – 2010 Haizetara Street Music International Contest (Basque Country)

    Best Category-Defying Act – 2010 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll

    Best New Band (Rhode Island) – 2010 Boston Phoenix 50 Bands, 50 States

    Best of Rhode Island – Rhode Island Monthly 2007 Awards

    Chattman1Photograph by Chattman Photography  


    Jori, Bass Drum
    Come and dance! CJ, Cymbals
    No. kyle, snare
    hii!🌻 Marlon, Quads
    Zane, Bass Jim, Snare Larry, Trumpet
    He plays the trumpet.  Though, sometimes the trumpet plays him. EvanEvan, Trumpet
    Making Boston proud. Nathan, Trumpet
    Professor Truth N. Sweetness Jay, Trumpet Daniel, Trumpet Evan (tall), Trumpet
    no one in boston is proud of him. Ash, Trumpet Chris, Trombone
    Chris plays trombone, and hopes to someday play all the notes, ever. He is also working on filling the rest of this space with trombone rhymes. Yo, my bomb-tone, calm-blown trombone’ll make you go’on home & psalm-moan: you’re tromb-owned! Wide-eyed by my slide glides, mesmerized! I’ll play all the noteses like Hall & Oateses! Hannah, Trombone
    Oh heeeeeeey. Johanna, Trombone
    Johanna once dislocated her knee from dancing too low Sarah, Trombone
    Sarah grew up in Providence and has played music since the age of 6, starting with piano, and has played in school bands throughout middle school, high school and part of university. While she has lived and traveled in various other places around the world, Rhode Island keeps calling her back. She currently plays trombone, but has also dabbled in trumpet and all the percussion instruments she could get her hands on while in school. Aside from playing in a band, Sarah is passionate about traveling, bicycling, sailing and running. She has a dream to travel around the world via bicycle and sailboat, hopefully bringing a few musical instruments with her for the journey. Dan, Sousaphone
    Dan once collapsed a lung due to his antics with this band. After a few months, he was back to risky, tuba-based behavior, all for you. Greg, Tuba
    Born a small white child Greg grew to an even larger white child, a giant child who blows horns. Do it deep. Be it esoteric philosophy, scuba or noise making deep is the word. He does everything deep. Going low and deep to the throbbing pulse of the peaceful healing tuba. When you feel the tuba vibe think peaceful thoughts. Michael, Baritone Saxophone
    While never a tall man, Michael started the band at 5’6’’ but years of hauling around a piece of brass as large as himself, Michael’s spine has compressed nearly 6 inches already. Come see him quick before he’s too short to safely enter large crowds.


    Chop Chop the Chimp / Dead Chop Chop, Quads
    A kinder, gentler primate. The Chimp Is Dead. Long live Dead Chop Chop.
    brianstpierre Brian, snare
    Norlan, Bass Drum
    My name is my name; you ever eat a hot dog with mayonnaise?
    Nick, Trumpet
    I’m not in charge
    Jesse, Trumpet
    From the fiery depths of hell, this trumpeter’s brassy sound will surely make your ears bleed.
    American Rob, Trumpet
    How does American Rob get his mustache to point skyward? The wax of 1,000 bees.
    Katie, Alto Saxophone
    One must ask, what will be the result of a child exposed to nine months of What Cheer? in utero? This one puts the sa-sa in the muzika and the boom-ba in front of ya!
      Nathan, Trombone
    Famous Joey, Tuba
    If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
    Neal “Gimmie Satisfaction” Jones, Trumpet, Velvet Jackets
    Cordey, Trumpet
    Chops and sex appeal – all packaged in what can’t weigh any more than 90 lbs – Young Cordero will charm you like an old snakecharmer with that magic trumpet of his. Ladies beware, parents, give up.
    PANDREW! Euphonium
    One part Panda, one part Andrew, Pandrew is a superhero. A magical, mystical, steel welding man who makes the children smile and the developers shudder. When Chop Chop scares the kids, Pandrew comforts them. All while laying down a bass line that would hold the craziest melody steady
    Maya the Destroyer, Bass Drum
    When this band started, Maya played alto saxophone, but a fateful encounter with a bass drum in Philadelphia changed everything. The Destroyer was born. When you see her coming, drop any sharp objects and let go of any inhibitions. You are about to be pummeled into an irresistible dancing frenzy. Just give in; it’ll be easier for everyone
    George, Sirdu
    George got something called jungle-rot real bad while living in Brazil. Don’t touch him at shows. Or, if you do, just wash your hands with cold soapy water before you go to sleep. Also, don’t take any kind of cortizone-type stuff for the itch because that’s steroids and jungle rot is a fungus and steroids will make a fungus grow really fast. But you probably won’t get it anyway, so whatever.
    Marian the Cymbal Ninja
    Conventional wisdom holds that ninjas are masters of stealth and shadow. Not so for the Cymbal Ninja, who comes at her victims with a gleaming flash of metal and a crash that makes their ears ring for weeks. Better back up when you see Marian coming, or you’ll be begging for quiet…just like her roommates
    Steve, Sousaphone
    While it is true that most of the band loves me, that darned Chop Chop seems to have something against me and won’t go near me. It’s a shame…I love them early Primates! It has been rumored that my thunderous tuba playing is powered by the bear paw tattoo that was given to me by a mystic man.]
    Bigfoot Paul, Snare Drum
    Have you ever seen the movie Drumline? Well, Bigfoot Paul’s life is nothing like that. At all. But maybe one day he will quit his rebellious ways, get good grades in school, AND get the girl. All while playing the snare drum really really well. And dancing. Watch out, Dr. Lee!
    Annelise, Bass Drum
    BOOM! Annelise is in the room!
    Mindy the Metronome, Bass Drum
    Move out of the way of the arms of the small woman making big noise with a big drum while smiling and sweating.
    John Slaby, Snare
    Every morning, John wakes up, climbs down from his tree house and eats souls for breakfast. After washing them down with 2 liters of Mountain Dew, he skateboards to practice. What we don’t know is that when he plays our songs, he really hears all of them as epic adventure metal pieces.
    Ben, Snare/Aux
    Ben slam-jams his drum like it’s Hanukkah.
    Susan, Trombone
    AKA Schmooz n’ Stay Last, Susan stands a full foot shorter than the rest of the trombone section. Her size, however, does allow her to tuck nicely beneath Chris, Rob, Hannah & Nathan’s blaring bells, when she’s not throwing down dance moves she learned from watching you.
    Tal, Soprano Saxophone
    Canadian Rob, Trombone
    Imported straight from his tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia, he’s just happy to be playing for somebody other than the local fur traders.
    Julie, Trombone