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    • Jun 6: Providence, RI
    • Jun 16: Brooklyn, NY
    • Jun 17: Philadelphia, PA
    • Jun 18: Washington, DC
    • Jun 19: Charlottesville, VA
    • Jun 20: Richmond, VA
    • Jun 21: Durham, NC
    • Jun 22: Asheville, NC
    • Jun 23: Knoxville, TN
    • Jun 24: Chattanooga, TN
    • Jun 25: Louisville, KY
    • Jun 26: Chicago, IL
    • Jun 27: Cleveland, OH
    • Jun 28: Pittsburgh, PA
    • Jun 29: Ithaca, NY
    • Jun 30: Kingston, NY
    • Jul 1: Ashfield, MA
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  • Classy: Live in Pawtucket. Recorded at a “live-in-studio” appearance at Machines With Magnets in September 2010. They captured our live show brilliantly. Artwork by band members Mindy Stock, Ben Nadler and Rob MacInnis.
    Available digitally from Bandcamp or iTunes.

    We Blow You Suck CD, artwork by Will Schaff and Andrew Oesch. Physical copies are sold out! But it’s still available digitally from Bandcamp or iTunes.
    paper-cut-tee “The Paper-Cut Tee” is back! Available in a red on white color scheme (pictured gray shirt has sold out). $10


    Intricate What Cheer? themed stencil design by William Schaff. Pale gray on black- so tasteful, just like you. $10


    The Building 16 Commemorative Tee-Shirt memorializes our final show at Building 16, which served as our creative home in Providence for six years. This shirt comes in a wide variety of ink/shirt color combinations, and we’ll pick the best one for you!
    “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” is back by popular demand! We did a limited run of these a few years ago, and none other than Mr. Dan Deacon wore it! Ink color varies from black to red; all shirts look awesome. $10
    Seal Tee Shirt This tee is our take on Providence’s city seal! $10
    Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen, a Cook Book by the What Cheer? Brigade. ‘Zine style. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

    Email us with any questions. Happy shopping.