Honk Festival This Weekend!

This weekend: the HONK! Festival in the Somerville area of Boston. 19 street bands, mostly brass and drums, most with more than 10 members — some with more than 20 — all banging out the tunes in the streets for FREE!!!

Not thinking of attending? Yeah, once I thought I would hold my pee for as long as I could until one day (two days into holding it) I found myself curled up in the aisle of some 24 supermarket, in total pain cursing myself for my stupidity. Well, you will be doing the same thing if you don’t catch one of these shows before we go on a little hiatus to focus on songwriting. So think about that. Do you really want to be the person that the 24 hour supermarket clerk is laughing at one night? I don’t think so. Oh yeah…that and, buy stuff. We have new stuff and old stuff for sale in the merch section. So…c’mon. what are you really doing with your money? I mean, you haven’t bought me a drink lately!

What Cheer? Brigade at Guca, Serbia
Photo by Christos Lamprianidis

About chop chop the chimp

Filled with mucus, and generally grumpy, our beloved chimp will probably fall on you at a show. He is not the most coordinated primate, and his memory is god awful, but the ladies love a chimp in uniform. He can be seen swigging a coca cola, or picking lice from the heads of fans when he is feeling peckish. Generally speaking, chop chop smells bad. More specifically speaking, chop chop smells even worse. Yeah that's right, he's our chimp and we love him, sailor talk and all.
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