Where did the What Cheer? Brigade go?

That’s right, folks. The Brigade is taking a well earned break for the winter to learn new songs, to write new songs, and to let all wounds heal.

So, while we are off in the deep recesses of a Providence, Rhode Island warehouse, catch up with out performances in the photos section, as many news ones have gone up. Wrap yourselves from the winter chill in one of our comfy warm What Cheer? Brigade T- Shirts, and put "jerk parade", our first release, on the stereo to keep yourself from Brigade withdrawl until we come busting out again, damaging eardrums and bloodying our lips just for you.

Thanks, folks, for a wonderful 2007. Here’s to an even more amazing 2008.

we're on break

About chop chop the chimp

Filled with mucus, and generally grumpy, our beloved chimp will probably fall on you at a show. He is not the most coordinated primate, and his memory is god awful, but the ladies love a chimp in uniform. He can be seen swigging a coca cola, or picking lice from the heads of fans when he is feeling peckish. Generally speaking, chop chop smells bad. More specifically speaking, chop chop smells even worse. Yeah that's right, he's our chimp and we love him, sailor talk and all.
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