Listen to the What Cheer? Brigade in Hi-Fi!

So what do you get when you bring 18 fantastic musicians and one dumb ass goof in a chimp mask to a top notch recording studio? Well, to find out, may we direct you to the “music” section of our web site, where we offer you new recordings recently recorded at the fantastic, Machine With Magnets! The folks there were kind enough to put up with our tardy selves, and 19 of us trampsing through their studios, and captured us in a recording in such a way no one has to date. We are quite pleased with it and wish to share them with you. So, stop reading this tripe, click on the danged link, and check them out. You will only kick yourself if you don’t. And if you don’t kick yourself, the chimp certainly will if he finds out. He likes kicking people.

2nd SetPhotograph by Christian Bartsch

About chop chop the chimp

Filled with mucus, and generally grumpy, our beloved chimp will probably fall on you at a show. He is not the most coordinated primate, and his memory is god awful, but the ladies love a chimp in uniform. He can be seen swigging a coca cola, or picking lice from the heads of fans when he is feeling peckish. Generally speaking, chop chop smells bad. More specifically speaking, chop chop smells even worse. Yeah that's right, he's our chimp and we love him, sailor talk and all.
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