We Are Loud

But irresistible.

Protect Your Ears, Young'un

We have a raft of great shows in the NY/NJ area this weekend, including a show which actually includes rafts. Or flotillas, to be more precise. And also some upcoming shows in October elsewhere in New England. Details are in the show calender section, yo!

Some of the mysteries to be unveiled in the upcoming Fall season of your favorite reality show, “What Cheer? Brigade: Blowing Chapel” : 1) What will become of Chop Chop? 2) Will the band play a rowdy party in Providence before hibernating for winter? 3) When will this band ever write new songs? 4) ‘To HONK or not to HONK?’ that is the question 5) Can we quit our day jobs and become the house band in Tom Waits’ backyard? 6) How many drinks will you buy us when we play in the proximity of a drink-selling establishment?

“A Multicolored Heap Sound: The louder and faster the better, they say. Finally, the cradle of Providence Noise music, included only because decibels. The troop does not need a leader, that is evenly Punk. It does not go also around playing beautiful Soli. No, fies they should be!”

– Die Zeit newspaper (auto-translated article about us from Germany)

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