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Filled with mucus, and generally grumpy, our beloved chimp will probably fall on you at a show. He is not the most coordinated primate, and his memory is god awful, but the ladies love a chimp in uniform. He can be seen swigging a coca cola, or picking lice from the heads of fans when he is feeling peckish. Generally speaking, chop chop smells bad. More specifically speaking, chop chop smells even worse. Yeah that's right, he's our chimp and we love him, sailor talk and all.
Oct 15 2007

We Succesfully HONK!ed the heck out of Somerville & Cambridge

It was an amazing and glorious weekend recently when the What Cheer? brigade and many other wonderful bands emerged on Davis square, in Somerville, MA, for the second annual HONK! fest. Let me tell you, those organizers had their shite … Continue reading

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Sep 23 2007

Honk Festival This Weekend!

This weekend: the HONK! Festival in the Somerville area of Boston. 19 street bands, mostly brass and drums, most with more than 10 members — some with more than 20 — all banging out the tunes in the streets for … Continue reading

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Aug 02 2007

We’re, east coast beware!

That’s right, kids. We made it back from Europe, a bit more bloodied and bruised, but all in all wowed by the reception we got, and the joy of seeing some of the things we saw and heard. But there … Continue reading

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Jun 25 2007

Rare chances abound!

On Sunday, July 15th, Jake’s bar and Grille — here in our fair city of Providence — will be hosting three wonderful acts. this is the rare chance to see your friends and ours — Barn Burning — performing with … Continue reading

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