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    1. Tony says:

      Dear USAToday:
      The ABSOLUTE Startup Rules are:
      1.)Do not trust the Big Banksters and
      the BIG Service Providers.
      2.)If I was in the position, I WANT
      TO HIRE JOEY, because he has COURAGE.

      3.)Service depends upon QUALITY depends upon PEOPLE.

      4.)The problem has NOTHING to DO
      with UNIONS. European UNIONS are on
      the board of directors of large
      corporations. Only in the USA does

      5.)In my company, EVERYONE must be
      ‘in the band.’ Can’t sing? Beat the tamborine. Deaf? Then wave the flag and be a dancer. Blind?
      Play the organ.

      6.)The words for your new music title:
      The Manager SUCKED THE SOUL out of the ‘corporate’ body. (metaphor)

      7.)IF Romeo and Juliet were working
      at the BIG HOTEL CHAIN (on different chaingang shifts) can management keep them separated on
      different shifts for over THREE YEARS? Heaven forbid that they
      should SMILE AT ONE ANOTHER.

    2. "Bad" Uncle Charlie says:

      The wild and amazing things you find on the internet…Who knew that MY niece was a “cymbal abuser, bad behavior enabler?” The apple definitely does not fall far from the tree! Missing and loving you in San Diego…hit me up, Sam!

    3. Yamaneko2 says:

      Your music is so joyful — may you be as happy as your music!

    4. Robert Perry says:

      I ROCKED with you all in Viroqua, WI. I just found a sticker of yours and put it on my clarinet case. My memory of ya’ll brings great joy to my heart. I hope to be with you live again someday.

    5. carlos says:

      philly is just down 95 south…need a show this spring

    6. Missy Whalen says:

      Your band is medicine for the soul. The people of Providence needed to be shaken to life by a sense of interconnectedness through music, dance, and community. Very glad I saw your street performance after AS220.

    7. Bennington College says:

      Drawn outside by your playing at the End of the World. What an amazing night! Thank you

    8. John Bunker says:

      After hearing you live in Maine, I think that many members of the band would enjoy the music of the Willem Breuker Kollektief. They came to Maine many years ago and the instant I heard you all, I was reminded of their fantastic show in Portland. I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed. And, you might find some new material to play.

    9. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for coming to Troy! We had a great time, and it was just what I needed! I’ve been missing drum corps and it was nice to see such an energetic, mini version of that. So thanks again!

    10. brit says:

      saw you guys in troy, ny. wow. incredible. even the cops got out of their cars to listen to your music, which is saying something. thanks for rocking my face off.

    11. Jayne says:

      Porch Jazz in Kingston…and what was THAT at Skeleton Park?? Loved, loved, loved it all!!!

    12. Jenni Leigh says:

      The Sleepless Goat Cafe and Worker’s Co-Operative sends its love to each one of you. Thanks for donating your talents to our joy collection. If your band and our cafe made a baby, it might be called revolution. Procreation of the best variety.

      If you folks wish to return to our humble, possibly boring, little town,to play, or to provide in-depth waltzing lessons,or just for hang-time, please stay at our houses. And let us make you breakfast. No strings attached. Promise.

      Thanks for existing.
      The Goats

    13. David Rintoul says:

      Awesome performance in Central Park yesterday! Thanks for the free performance. Incredible bone players.

    14. stephen foelster says:

      Rockin Rob will always be Rhode Island Rob to me!

    15. Frederik Rixen says:

      Hey guys, just wanted to say that you rocked Aarhus today!! I drove all the way through Denmark to see you! By the way, happy birthday Nathan! 😀

      – Frederik Rixen (red haired dude, who bought two albums)

    16. Ida says:

      I passed au hazard while you guys were playing in Aarhus… That was like THE best!!! EVER!

    17. Jay Dougherty says:

      Hello the What Cheer? Brigade. I write this as I sit recovering from your rambunctious performance in Liverpool last night. I was the scared fellow in the russian t shirt who Chop Chop taught to dance, and to love. My ears still vibrate, as does my heart. I love you all and hope you come back again as I’m only really allowed to dance once a year anyway.

      I also sort of promised I would go to Bestival, but I think one journey of self discovery is enough for now.

    18. Jerry Shafar says:

      This is just to say “HELLO” to all of you from the good people of What Cheer, Iowa here in the USA.

    19. Dave says:

      Can’t wait for PRONK! The doors at The Point Tavern will be open at 2pm on Monday. PBR and a shot? Why not deviate from the parade route and march right through the place!

      because… that’s The Point!

    20. Ben says:

      Saw you guys perform at HONK.
      Decided that after high school/college/grad school/whatever,

    21. Kuzmyč says:

      God Bless You WCB and Double Bless for internet´s way of independing music.

      Thanks to the internet free stream, I finally got more music from What Cheer Brigade as I wanted for a long time! In this minute I finished recording WCB albums from myspace stream. Thanks to IT who made my little program 🙂

      The important thing is, that now I can listen to WCB music any time, any way I want. However its good, I still will be sadly missing being on WCB live show! Please tell me, if you will play in Europe again, because this year, when you played in Germany etc., I was on Rainbow gathering and I missed you.

      More Live Acts !!!

      Blessings from Czech Rep., Kuzmyč

    22. Dan says:

      Hey Ben,
      Why wait til later in life. Live the dream now!

    23. Aleksandar says:

      Derr Cheers!

      I have to send you one my favorite trumpet music. And i belive that you may to learn it, to play. Sry for my bad english, im from Serbia, country of trumpet.

      See the link:

      And of course, come in festival of trumpet in GUCA 2013! >>

      some videos:

      and of course:

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