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    1. Leah Sainz says:

      I was there when you guys played from the back of that army truck in Little Rock and at the party later. You guys are one of the most impressive bands I have ever seen play. You can’t help but dance and/ or bang on things.
      Peace, Leah

    2. L.V.F says:

      Hey, do you folks have any idea the time at which you will play during the Oct 10 Somerville Gig?

    3. Heather says:

      I saw you last night at my girl Melissa’s wedding it was awesome! The bonfire was the best part! I will send pics soonn

    4. Emily Dykstra says:

      Chattanooga Tn really enjoyed your music this summer. I think my 3 year old son enjoyed it the most. He loves making music, especially playing any drum. We bought your cd and he has to listen to it everytime we get in the car. He thought the man in the mask was a little scary, but he made him a good scary guy by giving him the name Walrus man(from star wars). HIs favorites were the drummer who laid down while drumming(he had to do that right when we got home that night)and the tuba player who jumped up and down a lot. Thank you for all the great energy. My son is proud to say that the what cheer? brigade is his favorite band.

    5. Jan Holden says:

      You were great. I was at Mel and Greg’s wedding and can’t say enough good things. Thanks.

    6. Travis C. Upton says:

      From the scenic city of the south… Chattanooga,TN was so honored to have you guys play for us..I saw you at JJs in the back outside after ya’ll had been playing all day long in the city..I danced like I hadn’t all year long.. the most music fun I have had in Chattie for a long time..please come back in the spring.
      Travis Upton

    7. giant cloud says:

      hey we just saw you play (three months ago) in new orleans at allways lounge. it was wonderful and you felt like you belong in our city. hopefully we can play together in yours this spring. love.

    8. erika says:

      you guys are awesome! pleeeeeease come play a show in wahsington dc!

    9. Jeremy Sprague says:

      Last year at Honk you guys did a Tom Waits cover while marching down Mass Avenue at Honk. This year you continued to blow me away. Thanks for coming to Honk.

    10. becca says:

      pleeeease play at my party?? I live North of Boston. I will provide the beer and snacks. Lots of snacks!

    11. I saw you lead the Halloween Parade at Brown ST. park yesterday. After we went trick-or-treating with the kiddies I immediately downloaded your ablum from itunes. I absolutely love it!

    12. Kyle Skittles Wilson says:

      Hey I saw you guys the other day with Dan at the bike shop in Pawtucket and I talked to one of the trumpet players who said you guys are looking for more trumpet players. I play and have played for nine years and am very interested in joining. I am a student at RISD but I live to play music as much as make art. Please email me cause I think your band is the amazing and so does all of RISD! You guys blew our freshman minds at the latern lighting.

    13. Alex says:


    14. Alex says:

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    15. Andrew Myers says:

      This shit is awesome!!

      Tell Dan on da sousaphone that I shall never see him in the same light again!! And that he should bring it to the next family gathering…

    16. Greg says:

      Myself and members of the Swarthmore College Balkan Brass Band were dancing wit y’all at Zlatne Uste Golden Fest last year. And we’re coming back for more next weekend.

    17. Sumit Khanna says:

      I saw you guy in Chattanooga in the back of JJ’s Bohemia and you rocked our asses off!! I love the CD I bought too. You guys are awesome.

      Please work in Cincinnati into your 2010 lineup! I just moved out here and there are bridges perfect for you to march across!

    18. Shianne Sadie says:

      Being in High School and KNOWING people in a local band makes showing you off to my friends so much more fun 🙂 Can’t wait to actually see you live, hopefully sometime soon 😀

    19. Jack DiIorio says:

      Saw you guy’s at Rhode’s 3-28-10
      Heart pounding and foot stomping.
      My favorite: Bass Drum WOW
      Thanks for the fun.

    20. Chunkadee says:

      Loved you @ Lupos, have you guys thought about barging into Key West…anytime a good time but they do their annual Fantasy Fest in October and in April they have their annual independence celebration, when I saw you w/ Fungus Amungus I thought of those events instantly! Great job!

    21. Chris says:

      loves, you are on FIRE. what fantastic energy, sex appeal, and general amazing performance. i’ll come while seeing you– oh-i-mean come OUT to see you at any point.

    22. Giddy99 says:

      Found you guys on Flickr by accident, and WOW! Awesome sound; can’t wait to get the Amazon MP3 on May 25 (it’s noted in my calendar). If you ever play Nashville, TN, I’ll be there. 🙂

    23. I just had the indescribably magical experience of hearing you all play on Willow Street in Providence. An impromptu “bella ciao” for us all in this west side neighborhood. I was instantly reminded of walking down streets in Sicily, and of Roberta Torre’s use of the marching band in her films, and of Fellini-esque revelry: we just don’t usually get to experience this kind of intensity and play on the streets of our own towns and cities. Thank you for making our evening–and with a piece of music that is so significant and resonant. I also LOVED your outfits. Can’t wait to learn more about your music and performances. We made some video footage and will send it to you.

    24. cordey says:

      wow. you guys have really great lyrics. i’m moved.

    25. sndr says:

      I found you looking for songs by the Infernal Noise Brigade. And it’s good to see that there are other bands out there performing equally well. I hope to see you some time soon in Berlin!

    26. holly says:

      Avast Ye! This is the only contact I can find for What Cheer? Brigade. Are you into playing @ Firehouse XIII on July 17th with HUMANWINE? This would be after Europe.

      Spit & Spirit,

    27. tc says:

      My sis and I were at Renegade Craft Fair this past Saturday. Thanks for making us forget how freaking hot it was that day 🙂 You were all amazing!!! I had never seen(or heard) anything like you all. Come back to NYC and do a show.

    28. Barbara says:

      We were visiting NYC from Cincinnati and caught you guys at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. You tore it up! Thanks for the energy!

    29. Paz Mostajo says:

      Congratulations from Amorebieta, Basque Country!!!! We just knew you were going to win. It was amazing the way you played and moved, very inviting ,… People were a bit stiff but their souls were mad with movement,I’m sure!!
      By the way , I’m the mum of the 3 year-old girl with the pink top who couldn’t stop dancing and running around you on Saturday evening. Never saw her like that before!!! If you have some pics of her, it will be great to see them.
      Thank you for all the fun!!!

    30. Pedro says:

      Estaba pasando un fin de semana en Florencia y oí un sonido que atraía mucho un par de calles más allá.

      Cuando os ví, la sorpresa fué enorme, me quedé una hora y media viendo el show.

      Indescriptible, fenomenal, muy bien, … me faltan adjetivos.

      Gracias por ese rato de Florencia

    31. Roland says:

      i spoke to some members of this band on Amsterdam airport during the security procedure. They give me the adres of this website. I like the music you make. Now my question………….when you come to Holland????? 🙂 🙂
      Grtz Roland

    32. jeanette says:

      LOVED the show in Providence this weekend so much we wrote about it. And looking forward to seeing you again during Sound Sessions. And again. And again. And again.

    33. Robbie says:

      Saw you guys in Florence; just got back to the states. You guys blew that city the fuck up. You piss lightning and shit excellence. I miss you, and I will do everything in my power to bring you to Penn State at least once before I graduate.

    34. Triple J DJ says:

      Great job monday night at Soundsessions. You sounded fantastic. Keep up the great job and add me to your list. I don’t want to miss ya guys again. Best of luck!
      Peace and Love
      Triple J DJ

    35. mvyradio says:

      We hope the Brigade comes and visits us inside the Fort!

      mvyradio is broadcasting and streaming from Newport Folk at Fort Adams this weekend. Look for live and downloadable audio, plus pictures at

      We’re also offering free downloads from artists appearing at the Festival, right now at

      See you there!

    36. GennaRose Nethercott says:

      I saw you at the Newport Folk Festival yesterday. You were the best part of the entire event. Screw running away to join the circus; I want to run away and join the What Cheer? Brigade.

    37. Catherine Roberts says:

      I saw you guys at the Newport Folk Festival as well, and haven’t been the same since. I’ll never forget that set you played on Saturday early afternoon, full of soul and fire, on a hill above a crowd of people. There is nothing more awesome than you. I’ve never felt so alive (and regretful that I chose to study flute instead of trumpet back in 4th grade).

      That being said, PLEASE come to Ithaca, NY. You’d gain tons of happy followers here and I’m not sure I can go much longer without seeing and hearing you beautiful people. Also, I’m dying to dance with Nick and his sexy bones.

      Thank you for existing and doing what you do.


    38. Christine says:

      You were fantastic at Newport! Definitely the hit of the weekend. I am sending a few videos to Chop Chop. You rock!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Julian says:

      I had a blast dancing with you guys around the fire at NEKMF! You fucking rock!

    40. Peter Katz says:

      My wife and I saw you guys in Florence July 2010 in the middle of the street. You guys rock. We need to bring you to Chicago. Unreal. I still think about how much fun I had watching and listening to you guys.
      Hope to see you soon.
      Peter Katz

    41. Donna Mac says:

      Tell me and the rest of the world what time you guys are in Providence tomorrow night. I’m telling everyone! Saw you at the Newport Folks Fest and we’re hooked.

    42. Emily says:

      your performance in the nek was the most furiously fun dancing. thank you thank you. incredibly memorable. y’all are beautiful.

    43. Sillygrandma8 says:

      Did you know your name is the same as a small town in Iowa?…..What Cheer, Iowa, is found in Keokuk County!

    44. Jon says:

      Heard you guys at the Foo Feast. Fantastic!

    45. Doug says:

      Saw you twice at Honk! So fun. You guys are great.

    46. Bruce Allen says:

      Loved you guys at Honk Fest! Specially
      the well executed under 195 parking lot sound explosion, the Feist tune, and marching out
      to Sufjan Stevens. Awesomness!

    47. Cara Sardone says:

      Hey you guys sound awesome you need to head down to florida some time

    48. Laila Nur says:

      Hey this is Laila from Cakalak thunder! hated we couldnt make honk this year, and ofcourse thought of the amazing energy you guys brought to the table last year we came. Dust showing some continued love and eternal support, always bring the heat and the noise!
      Peace & gratitude
      Laia 🙂

    49. ericka says:

      ok, i’m a huge fan and a beginning trumpet player – do you have sheet music?


    50. Hey! I’m looking for contact info for fall 2011 booking???

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