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    1. Matt says:

      You will make a displaced northeasterner extremely happy if you ever play the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. (Also, NC is home to Cheerwine soda, which is like totally a sign.)

    2. Tung L. says:

      HEY! I marched behind you guys in the Krewe of Tucks parade. You guys kicked so much ass!

    3. Stefin says:

      Hey! My baby en stroller, wife, and I marched amidst you for all 3 1/2 hours of St. Anne’s on Mardi Gras day and all we have to say is WOW! Aeli (11 weeks old, dressed like a turtle that day) took a 3 hour nap that afternoon AND slept 7 hours straight that night. If that’s not a testament to your awesomeness, I don’t know what is. You guys were phenomenal, thanks for making our Gras!

    4. Jakesticks says:

      Hey guys,
      I just wanted to thank you all for coming to my school. I think what you guys did got a lot of people on their feet and reminded them that music was, and still should be, about more than making money or fame. You sounded fantastic, Chop Chop,thanks a ton for letting me try those drums out. I’m going to push as hard as I can to get you guys invited back!
      🙂 -Jake
      (Milford, MA)

    5. Isabel says:

      Hey there. I happened to witness yourselves in action this evening and just wanted to share that for the first time ever in my meager 26.5-year existence, with the perhaps the exception of some childhood incidents that I can’t recall, I finally let go of myself and legitimately danced… and I have you to bow down to and worship eternally for it. Thank you.

    6. Christian says:

      Got caught in the middle of the band during the late night set at Phish this weekend and had an absolute blast! Can’t wait to run into you all again.

    7. Trot says:


      Just wanted to say, you guys were ABSOLUTELY the non-Phish highlight of the Super Ball weekend! Thanks so much for coming out, you guys KILL IT! I will definitely be getting out to one of your upcoming shows now.

    8. Nicky Numb Thumbs says:

      Caught you guys at the Phish Ball after a chain of unfortunate events caused us to miss both of their sets Friday night. Suffice to say my friends and I were pretty unhappy about the situation, but then we found you guys and had a blast! Incredible showmanship and skill. You have a great thing going here. Best of luck to you all

    9. Kelli says:

      You guys rocked it! Saw you at Super Ball this weekend and have to say you were one of my favorite parts of the whole festival! Awesome. Come to Cleveland!!

    10. Nick says:

      Saw you guys at Super Ball IX…..AMAZING! Had such a blast whenever you guys were near, so much energy, made my weekend complete!!

    11. Jess says:

      You guys were a shining, energetic light in Watkins Glen! Your energy and talent is amazing! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see you play again.

      Jess Long – Waitsfield Vermont

    12. Ben Johnson says:

      You guys were awesome in the harbor at the folk festival yesterday! It was the highlight of my summer. Thanks for lighting up the harbor.

    13. michele boulay says:

      Saw the band from the harbour view (in our inflatable dinghy) Awesome!! I am a FAN! I got lots of super photos of the band with tons of kayaks in the foreground. This made our weekend. This pics are good and I will send them along. Thanks for bringing spontaneity into the festival. That’s what it’s all about. I especially love the bikinied trombone player. She’s GREAT and so is the rest of the band. What FUN…
      Michele Boulay

    14. General Wolfe says:

      Caught your impromptu performance today on the Wolfe Island ferry. Great!!!

    15. Bulldog says:

      Caught you in Detroit @ the Trumbullplex. Fantastic show!!! Thank you for the great music 😉

    16. Ellie Desautels says:


    17. Ellie Desautels says:


    18. katie says:

      YOU GUYS kick so much ass. every time i see you i feel can feel all of my blood moving around my body. cant wait for the show on the 17th!

      up the WC?B

    19. Duncan Campbell says:

      Play for free at Temple University! The bell tower would be an awesome spot. I will pay you in beer and nachos. Lots of people will come! I swear! Virgins will be complimentary.

      But seriously you guys should come. People would love your tunes and it would be a great time.

    20. Stacy Stacy says:

      Two years ago, in Providence, I was having a shitty day. For whatever reason, I was stuck in my own head that day, deep in anxious thought. Things just weren’t going my way. I was sad. And then I heard the music. Trumpets, tubas, drums, oh my! I walked over the bridge, and there you all were, playing, and people dancing. I hadn’t been so happy in a while. You cheered me up, in a way that the magic of that day has always kept a spot in my heart….(I also decide to go to work 2 hours late and didn’t care) Thank you.

    21. Castle says:

      You guys are an awesome brass band! Sadly there’s not much of this type of stuff in Tucson, let alone Arizona. Keep bein’ sick!
      From some random high school tuba player who admires y’all

    22. AG says:

      Picked up an article in Daily Mail (UK paper). Funny, I’ve stayed at that MARRIOTT hotel several times. They treated Joey like shit? I will never stay there again.

      Well done to the ‘carnival band’!

    23. mary says:

      Absolutely love your music. My husband just found Joey Quits on the Gazeta website from Poland! Having just resigned from a position I’ve held for 23 yrs due to a similar situation, I am jealous that I could not have gone out with such style! Take it from someone who is 61, never settle…..

    24. mallory says:

      joey. you’re hot. let’s be together forever!!!

    25. Mario Franković says:

      For bend from USA you are very good in playing balkan songs (Ederlezi). I am from Croatia and i just have to say keep doing a greate work.
      Come to Croatia, Istria, Labin…
      To real balkna “fešta” (party)

    26. Simon says:

      Hey! I love the music, it reminds a lot of the music of our folkore carnaval in Maastricht, the Netherlands. I bed you would love it too 🙂

    27. Dave Harford says:

      LOVED the Joey Quits video. Much kudos for the creative and funny way you pulled that off. Nice work! Also saw the photo from MECA. I live just outside of Portland. Are you coming up there again?

    28. Mary Beth says:

      Come to DC, we need some of your cheer.

      PS. Joey Quits was awesome

    29. Милош says:

      I saw you giving a quit, with serbian song on tube. Than I found more and more great stuff about you. Best wishes from Serbia.

    30. Nathalie says:

      The metal sound of this brass band in the Joey quits video clip was unreal! Did not give the douche-boss any opportunity to place a single word. It was EPIC – you guys are awesome!!! Joey and the band ROCK!!! Glad you quit this horrible job. YEAH!!!

    31. Dickk says:

      Oh man, you guys are awesome. Any chance of rocking SoCal at any time?

    32. Kaycee says:

      You guys are hilarious! I’ve always wanted to quit in a dramatic way and you nailed it!

    33. Adam Ivkovich says:

      You guys are absolutely fantastic. I saw the “Joey Quit” video, and got instant nostalgia to my families old Serbian movies. Greetings and best of luck from Toronto; I only wish I had heard about you back in August. Come back soon and you’ll have a packed Balkan house.

    34. Matt Gibson says:

      We love you guys and gals! Pleeeeeaaaaase come over to Australia and make some beautiful noise ..
      Lotsa Love & Respect from the Land of Oz 🙂

    35. Claire says:

      Joey Quits video rocks. That’s all I gotta say.

    36. Lissett says:

      Joey quit, Joey quit!!! LOL
      Priceless…I may just hire u guys to do mine when I go, yesssssssss!!!!

    37. Steve says:

      You guys are awesome!!!! I want to see you sometime. Please publish future dates on your website as soon as you set them- and PLEASE COME TO THE SOUTH! It may not be your venue, but i think ya’ll would be huge at Bonnaroo.

    38. Jennifer -SF says:

      The Joey quits video gave me the biggest smile which brought me to your site. Great band. Hope to see you guys on the West coast soon. Kudos to all the success that comes your way.

    39. JB says:

      Our sympathy for Joey and all of you! Go on people, music heals the world! Saludos from Berlin and Barcelona.

    40. chasy says:

      much endolphin from joey quits video and i surfed to come here. u guys were quite active band! i thought of just school band or smth. very nice one! pretty much enjoyed ur video clips here. thanks! i expect more things to watch. nice job, dudes!

    41. Bobbie w says:

      I listen to hip hop mostly. You guys fuckin rock loud! I love it. Keep it up

    42. Allison L. says:

      Hi guys!

      What is the song you guys play in the Joey Quits video? It’s fantastic! Also, do you do weddings? Curious… hahaha…keep up the beautiful tunes! You guys are so fun!!

    43. Laurence Myers says:

      I’m Dan’s cuz – who knew!!!

    44. andi says:

      you guys are awesome. go joey!

    45. Daniela says:

      YOU HAVE TO COME TO ARGENTINA !!!!! look out where I found you, guys:

    46. nekadu says:


      They should actually be frightened. Not only since your but also thanks to your incredible video. Maybe the greatest, clearest and most pacific way to say with a big amount of dialectical humor: “Fuck you! It’s enough! Treat us like shit and your company, your business, your society, your country and your family won’t work. Treat us and treat yourself the other way, the one who includes the respect, and it will work. So instead of ‘quit the shit’ let’s ’employ the joy’!”

      With all my respect to all of you!!!!

      Andi from exenemy germany

    47. Christina Smith says:

      After seeing “Joey quits” and really liking the music I watched more on you tube.. I love the music you played when you guys invaded Times Square in New York city..
      Any plans or thoughts of maybe visiting Baltimore Marylands Inner Harbor??? I’d love to see and hear you guys play in person!! Maybe in the summer of 2012??? I hope to see you here!!!

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